8 Best Things to Do in Malvan | Water Activities in Malvan

Malvan, situated in Maharashtra’s Sindhudurg district, is a coastal town celebrated for its stunning beaches, deep-rooted historical legacy, and mouthwatering seafood cuisine. Resting gracefully along the Konkan coastline, Malvan has emerged as a favored tourist haven, cherished for its picturesque landscapes and profound cultural relevance. Located approximately 30 kilometers to the west of Sindhudurg’s administrative center. This town’s cultural heritage is intricately interwoven with its past and geographical placement, fostering a rich tradition of folk arts, music, and dance. This town is also famous for its Beaches.

Best Things to Do in Malvan | Water Sports

Scuba Diving

Scuba driving in Malvan, Things to Do in Malvan

Scuba diving in Malvan offers an exhilarating and immersive experience in the vibrant underwater world of the Arabian Sea. Renowned for its clear waters, diverse marine life, and captivating underwater landscapes, Malvan has become a sought-after destination for diving enthusiasts. The Tarkarli Beach area, in particular, stands out as a prime spot for scuba diving. Under the guidance of certified instructors, you’ll have the opportunity to explore coral formations, swim alongside schools of fish, and perhaps even encounter unique species like lionfish, rays, and sea turtles.

  • Top spots to try: Tarkarli Beach, Karli Backwaters, Chivla Beach
  • Cost: 650-700 Rs
  • Age Limit: 10 and above

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Banana Boat Riding

Banana Boat Riding in Malvan

Engaging in banana boat riding in Malvan promises a thrilling aquatic adventure that combines excitement and camaraderie. This popular water activity takes place in the sparkling waters of the Arabian Sea. The banana boat, aptly named due to its elongated shape resembling a banana, is an inflatable boat designed to accommodate multiple riders. Typically, it can carry around four to six people at once. Safety is a top priority during banana boat rides, with guides and instructors ensuring that all participants wear appropriate safety gear and follow instructions.

  • Top spots to Try: DevbagH Beach, Tsunami Island, Achara Beach
  • Cost: 900-1000 Rs
  • Age limit: 10 and Above

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Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing in Malvan

Engaging in this beloved water activity delivers an exhilarating surge of adrenaline as you skillfully maneuver through the waves, immersing yourself in the sensation of wind in your hair and the exhilaration of gliding atop the water’s expanse. Jet skiing offers an adventure not just for individuals, but also presents an opportunity for shared enjoyment with loved ones. Embark on a shared journey by taking turns on the jet ski, seizing the chance to capture candid moments of elation and joy on camera, destined to be cherished in the future.

  • Top spots to Try: Tsunami Island, Devabgh Beach, Tarkarli Beach
  • Cost: 800-900 Rs
  • Age Limit: 10 and Above

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Snorkeling in Malvan

This popular aquatic activity allows you to explore the mesmerizing aquatic realm while floating on the surface of the Arabian Sea. The crystal-clear waters around Malvan provide excellent visibility, allowing you to witness the marine ecosystem up close. As you dip your face below the water’s surface, a colorful array of fish, coral reefs, and other aquatic creatures come into view. Tarkarli Beach is a favored snorkeling spot in Malvan, owing to its calm waters and abundant marine biodiversity.

  • Top spots to try: Tondavali Beach, Trakarli Beach, Tsunami Island
  • Cost: 900-1000 Rs
  • Age limit: 10 and Above

Speed Boat Ride

Speed Boat Ride in Malvan

Engaging in this well-loved aquatic pursuit grants you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the invigorating sea breeze while swiftly traversing the glistening waters of the Arabian Sea. As the boat gains speed, the wind will tousle your hair and the sea mist will caress your face as you glide over the water’s surface. The excitement of the ride is further enhanced by the awe-inspiring coastal panoramas and the seemingly boundless expanse of the sea. Tailored for individuals, couples, as well as groups of friends and family. The speed boat ride presents an indelible escapade that seamlessly melds velocity, exhilaration, and the sheer beauty of the natural surroundings.

  • Top spots to try: Malvan Beach, Tarkarli Beach, Tsunami Island
  • Cost: 500-600 Rs
  • Age limit: 10 and Above


Flyboarding in Malvan

Participating in this ingenious water sport grants you the remarkable sensation of soaring through the air, propelled by formidable water jets. Beyond merely an adventure, flyboarding presents an exceptional chance to immortalize your airborne escapades with striking photographs and videos. The experience of hovering over the water’s surface is truly exhilarating, offering an unimpeded panorama of the encompassing coastline, complete with the rush of the wind and the electrifying thrill of suspension amidst the skies.

  • Top spots to try: Malvan Beach, Tarkarli Beach
  • Cost: 2400-2500 Rs
  • Age limit: 10 and Above

Bumper Boat Ride

Bumper Boat Ride in Malvan

Engaging in a bumper boat ride in Malvan guarantees a playful and lively aquatic experience that’s filled with laughter and fun. This popular water activity involves maneuvering colorful bumper boats in the gentle waves of the Arabian Sea. The ride is suitable for individuals of all ages, making it a fantastic option for families, friends, and even solo adventurers. The giggles and friendly competition that arise from bumping into others create a lively and joyful atmosphere.

  • Top spots to try: Tsunami Island, Chivla Beach, Tarkarli Beach
  • Cost: 800-900 Rs
  • Age limit: 10 and Above


Parasailing in Malvan

The adventure begins as you’re securely harnessed to a colorful parasail. As the towboat accelerates, the parasail catches the wind, gently lifting you into the sky. With your feet dangling above the water, you’ll experience the sensation of weightlessness as you ascend to higher altitudes. Parasailing in Malvan is a thrilling experience suitable for both adventurers and those looking for a taste of excitement during their beach vacation.

  • Top spots to try: Achara Beach, Devbagh Beach
  • Cost: 700-800 Rs
  • Age limit: 10 and Above


frequently asked questions about water activities in Malvan
  1. What water sports activities are available in Malvan?
    Malvan offers a range of water sports activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat riding, bumper boat riding, and speed boat rides.
  2. Is previous experience required to participate in water sports activities?
    Most water sports activities in Malvan cater to participants of all skill levels, including beginners. Trained instructors and guides provide proper guidance and safety instructions for each activity.
  3. What is the best time to enjoy water sports in Malvan?
    The best time for water sports in Malvan is from November to May when the weather is pleasant and the sea is calm. However, it’s recommended to check local weather conditions before planning your activities.
  4. Do I need to know how to swim to participate in water sports?
    While knowing how to swim is beneficial, it’s not a strict requirement for many water sports activities as life jackets and trained instructors ensure the safety of participants.
  5. Are there age restrictions for water sports activities?
    Age restrictions can vary depending on the specific activity. Some activities may have minimum age requirements, while others might allow children under adult supervision. It’s advisable to check with the water sports operators for specific age guidelines.
  6. How do I book water sports activities in Malvan?
    Water sports activities can be booked through local water sports operators or travel agencies in Malvan. It’s recommended to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. ( Book from MakeMyTrip )
  7. Is safety equipment provided for water sports activities?
    Yes, reputable water sports operators in Malvan provide safety equipment such as life jackets, helmets, and other necessary gear for each activity. Safety is a top priority.
  8. Can I capture photos or videos during water sports activities?
    Many water sports operators offer photo and video packages for an additional fee, allowing you to capture your memorable moments. You can also bring waterproof cameras or action cameras to capture your footage.
  9. Are there any health considerations for water sports activities?
    Individuals with certain medical conditions should consult a doctor before participating in water sports. Some activities might not be suitable for individuals with heart conditions, respiratory issues, or certain physical limitations.
  10. What should I wear for water sports activities?
    It’s recommended to wear comfortable swimwear or athletic attire that you don’t mind getting wet. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are also advisable to protect yourself from the sun.

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